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Welcome to the GerberGrab website.


(7 Jan 2015)
5.07 full install

(22 Feb 2009)
4.92 full install

(25 Jun 2008)
4.83 full install

(22 Feb 2007)
4.46 full install

(12 Feb 2007)
4.42 full install

(29 Nov 2006)
4.36 full install

(7 Sept 2006)
4.29 full install

(22 Feb 2006)
4.25 full install

(26 Aug 2005)
4.19 full install

(29 Jan 2005)
4.16 full install, more improvements

(24 Nov 2004)
4.10 exe update

(Nov 2004)
4.07 released. Major update. Many new features. 1 month free trial!!

GerberGrab is now completely free! Just download and go! 

GerberGrab is a PC software tool which offers a number of utilities to assist with the PCB data preparation and verification process. The main features are:
  • extraction of component position and orientation information from a gerber file.
  • matching a gerber file with a bills of material (BOM) to combine the component shape positions and rotations into the BOM.
  • verifying a Gerber file or placement list against a real (scanned or other) image of a PCB

These features are highly valuable for anyone in the PCB manufacturing industry, particularly for contract manufacturers, who may need to check or create bills of material, build documentation, or placement lists, rapidly, off-line and with a high degree of automation.

You can experience the capabilities of GerberGrab by investing only a few minutes of your time. You can download the application, and convert a sample file with the help of a tutorial, in just a few minutes!

Main Features of GerberGrab
-Gerber / HPGL2 import / viewing
-Shape learning to library file
-Shape search in Gerber Files
-Finding component references and outlines from the shapes
-Options for output scaling and rotation
-Output component list csv file generation
-User attributes for shapes and component stored in the library, with selectable highlighting
-BOM importing
-Background image importing with alignment adjust
-Component list or BOM overlay
-Manual component learning, can be from image only without gerber
-multilayer, multicolour file importer / browser
-automatic import file type detection
-HPGL import, with support for HPGL2 labels. These are passed directly into the BOM list, and can be merged with other imported BOM information.
-HPGL export, BOM information can be exported in HPGL2 label format, for intelligent document processing
-decoding of 274x scaling and embedded pad shape information
-searching from a BOM back into a Gerber or HPGL to find the component position
-create bom from schematics

Alternatively, we can convert files for you. Just send them to info@gerbergrab.co.uk for a free quotation, normally about 10p per component. Sometimes we can convert files within a couple of hours.